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COVID 19 Updates

Acupuncture is now considered an essential healthcare service.

We want to thank you for understanding as we work at 50% capacity in order to continue to follow CDC and WHO guidelines.  We would like to share with you what else we are currently doing in order to keep you and our staff safe during these trying times.  

Waiting room and treatment rooms

Our rooms and waiting room are cleaned and wiped down with our medical  grade disinfectants and cleaners before and after every patient.  We clean any and all areas a person may come in contact with this includes but not limited to the seats in the waiting room, the pens, the door handles, the door frames, the light switch, the treatment room beds and chairs this is just to name a few. In addition to our staff cleaning before and after each patient we also currently have a cleaning crew that does deep and disinfecting cleaning after every shift. 

Scheduling and check in

Our scheduling process has not changed as we continue to book your appointments via text message through our business phone as the preferred method and through our website.  We are limited to the number of appointments we are able to handle at this time do to the restrictions in place.  Check in procedures now include that all patients must wear a mask to walk in order to enter the office, temperature is checked and hand sanitizer is provided to everyone. If you forget your mask we can provide you with a disposable one. 

Staff requirements

All staff is required to wear a face mask, and their temperature is checked at the start of their shift.  Providers and LMTs are provided with individual work stations in order to maintain distance.  We work at a 50% capacity in order to keep social distancing between employees.  Any employee that may feel sick with symptoms that may be related to Covid is required to stay home quarantine and get tested in order to return to work. 


We are available via text, calls, and our website for any questions. 




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